The After Market Service department of Psicon supports its customers worldwide with Compressor support, Compressor Training, Spare parts & Services & Quickship equipment.

We do not only support equipment delivered by Psicon or one of Psicon's partners but also equipment from third parties.

Reciprocating Compressor Life-cycle Optimization / Reconfiguration services :

We are reciprocating compressor experts with more then 30 years of design and operations experience.

Quite often compressor modules once engineered and fabricated experience changes in operating conditions due to the changing of the inlet parameters and compression requirements. Also after gas field have been depleted or compressors contracts have run out compressor units can be updated to fit new applications.

We are supporting our customers with a range of services to support them with the optimalisation and re-application of their compressor units, for example:

  • Compressor inspections
  • Mechanical and thermodynamic studies and evaluations
  • Pulsation studies
  • Compressor re-cylindering (extra stages / de-staging / changing of the cylinders)
  • Compressor Capacity Control
  • Custom Comrpessor Cylinder Design
  • Compressor refurbishement and reapplication


We have a dedicated training program focused on reciprocating compressors. We specialize on training for mechanical and rotating equipment engineers.

The training is focused on compressor technology, compressor selection and compressor trouble shooting.

The training can be done in our office in the Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur but can also be done onsite.








Quickship Power. Steam turbines and API610 pump packages:

Psicon offers a range of Quickship power modules, steam turbines- and pump packages.

By using our surplus and used equipment inventory we are able to deliver completely reconditioned / 0-houred rotating equipment like:

  • pumps (API610-latest ed)
  • turbines
  • compressors
  • generators
  • gearboxes

The equipment can will be delivered in a fraction of the time of new equipment under attractive commercial conditions.

The 0-houred equipment with be delivered with a full set of documentation sets and 'as new' warranty.

For more information please refer to the applicable webpages.

Psicon - Quickship pump package


Spare Parts:

We deliver spare parts for a large range of rotating equipment. Spare parts like:

Steam Turbines (new replacement or reconditioned parts)
Worthington, Coppus, Elliott, Terry, Skinner, Nadrowski, Dean Hilll, Manubat and more.

Compressors (Ariel are original parts, other brands new replacement or recondtioned parts):
Ariel, Ajax, Cooper, Cooper Bessemer, Dresser Rand , Gemini/GE, Joy, Superior, York, Ingersoll Rand Centac, Sundyne and more.

Engines (new replacement parts):
Ajax, Caterpillar, Waukesha, Dresser KVR/KVH/KVT and more.

Flender, Western, Marley, Philadelphia, Lufkin, Elliott, Terry, Worthington, Sundyne and more.

Pumps (new replacement parts):
Sundyne, Sunflo, Sunstrand


Psicon holds the worlds largest inventory of rotating equipment and rotating equipment spare parts.

Please refer to the applicable webpages for more information on our spare parts inventory.

Psicon - Turbine Spare parts

We support our equipment from various locations in the world. The Psicon workshop located in Schiedam, the Netherlands is our centre for service, repairs and spare parts.


Maintenance & Repair Support:

Psicon supports its customers with turnkey repair of equipment. We focus on the overhaul of key equipment like multistage pumps, (steam) turbines and compressors. Please refer to the applicable webpages for more information.

Psicon is also your partner for possible re-rating of equipment like for example pumps & compressors.

Field Service & Start-up:

We have experienced rotating equipment (field) engineers available to start-up, service and troubleshoot your equipment. We are especially specialized in gas & diesel engines, reciprocating compressors, turbines and pumps. Our service engineers have factory training from established companies like Ariel, Waukesha, Caterpillar and many more renowed equipment suppliers.

Other Services:

  • Operations and maintenance of equipment
  • Lease of certain compressor units and power modules
  • Inspection Services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reverse engineering