Psicon successfully deliveres a reconditioned Coppus turbine in 3 weeks

A refinery in Poland ordered a vertical sump pump driven by a Dresser-Coppus turbine (RLVA16) to be installed during a plant stop in June 2008. Unfortunately Dresser had a major delay in delivery time resulting in a major problem for the Polish Refinery plant operations.

In May this year Psicon was asked to supply a reconditioned (0-houred) identical turbine in the shortest possible time. The turbine had to be including heat insulation and tested.

In the end Psicon was able to deliver a complete rebuild identical turbine, fully warranted within 3 weeks including the transport to Poland matching the plant stop requirements.

The customer commented they would not have noticed a difference between a new turbine and the reconditioned turbine from Psicon.

Dresser will still deliver the new turbine in due course but that unit now will be used as a spare.

Coppus RLVA16