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Psicon BV specializes in Rotating Equipment Performance Improvements, Turbo Machinery Solutions, Magnetic Filtration Technology and After Market Services.
Psicon has the engineering solutions to improve the performance of your machinery, extend the lifetime, and supply all components. We offer a unique range of engineered products & services to the Power and Oil & Gas Industry


Engineered Solutions & Consultancy

With solutions for rotating equipment like compressors and turbines, but also magnetic filtration systems Psicon provides the tools to optimize your projects performance and profitability.

Reciprocating Compressor Modernization & Upgrading

Psicon offers a complete range of compressor upgrade, configuration, and modification services. We rejuvenate existing compressor modules to meet future requirements and conditions.

Turbo Machinery Capabilities

Psicon offers its customers a range of high-end solutions for compressors, blowers, steam turbines, blowers, etc. We modernize your equipment or can supply capital spare parts like rotors, diaphrams, casings, blades, etc.

Magnetic Filtration Solutions

Psicon designs unique and effective magnetic filtration solutions used for all type of liquid and gas applications. Our magnetic filters are the most effective magnetic filters in the market today.

Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

Psicon has a modern reverse engineering department supported by state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools and capabilities. We can reverse engineer any part of your reciprocating compressor or turbo machinery.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Psicon has access to one the most modern and well equipped turbo machinery workshops in Europe. Our workshop has all the CNC equipment to machine large cylinders, rotors, turbine and compressor housings etc. We also manufacture all types of compressor and steamturbine blades. We have 2x high speed balancing facilities as well as a fully equipped quality control department and material laboratory.

After Market Services

We support our customers with the execution, installation, start-up and commissioning of our compressor and turbo machinery solutions. Our engineers will support with troubleshooting, consultancy & training. Also we supply a wide range of spare parts, from high speed pumps to steam turbines.

Latest News

Offshore training for our 3D scanning engineers

At Psicon we find safety and education highly important. Last week our 3D scanning and reverse engineering engineers Carlos and Adri have received their offshore safety and emergency training certificates.…

FOR SALE: 3x New Siemens Pipeline Centrifugal Compressors

We have available 3x new Siemens STC-SV - 2x stage pipeline compressors.  Compressors are available almost immediately and are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse.

An in-depth look at our 3D scanning capabilities

With our equipment we are able to scan anywhere and anytime, allowing us to reverse engineer all the required parts for turbo compressors, piston compressors, pumps, blowers and more.

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