From Weatherford (NYSE) to Psicon - member of the Serba Dinamik Group
In 2000 Psicon took over the European compressor activities from Weatherford Oil & Gas (Houston). Since then we have considerably increased our market activities not only in Europe but also in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

In the years following Psicon further increased its scope to become a reliable total solution provider in the Global Power and Oil & Gas industry.


We have organised our offerings in 2 main business activities:

  • Engineered Solutions and Consultancy
  • After Market Solutions

In 2018 we have signed a strategic partnership with the Serba Dinamik Group extending Psicon’ s experience, portfolio and activities and created growth and synergy in the value chain. Serba Dinamik Group is one of Malaysia’s largest engineering solutions- and service providers.


Psicon has changed into a total solution provider for the Power and Oil & Gas industry.


Psicon’ s success in the international market is mostly due to its highly experienced staff. We have a unique mix of highly experienced and seasoned industry experts coupled with enthusiastic computer savvy engineers.


With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, Psicon is committed to deliver a high level of quality services and products and strive to exceed our customer expectations.


A sustainable future is important for Piscon BV


Most of the projects we execute are about improvements. These are often process improvements that are related to new designs and or debottlenecking situations. Psicon operates in a way that allows us not only to improve a process but often reduces energy consumption per unit of output. This is not only a competitive advantage for our clients but also recuses energy consumption on a large scale as many installations run 24/7.


With the growth of the company a requirement for new housing arose. Psicon had the opportunity to decide on the requirements and we designed the new build housing ourselves. The new building is extremely energy efficient. Not only very well insulated but also lighting plans and multizone heating are the most efficient on the market. The state-of-the-art heat pumps and a large capacity of solar power make the new building stand out in its class for low energy consumption.  


Nowadays travel is less but even before COVID-19 decisions were made to use train over airplanes on occasions where this is possible and a large portion of the company mobility fleet is deliberately EV where the power comes from our own generated solar electricity.


As a company, we will keep on striving for a sustainable future.


We are ready! Are you?