With our equipment we are able to scan anywhere and anytime, allowing us to reverse engineer all the required parts for turbo compressors, piston compressors, pumps, blowers and more.


Our scanning technologies allow us to swiftly replace or repair any damaged parts. In addition Psicon has years of experience with advanced flow and pressure calculations. Making it possible to design new blades, diaphragms, impellers and allowing us to modify the equipment’s performance.

Our advanced equipment uses an high definition measurement system which is capable of making details scans with tolerances of 0,01 mm. 


The data provided by the scanning equipment combined with our 20+ years of practical design experience with OEM like Dresser, Sulzer, Man Turbo, Mitsubishi, etc. grants us the ability to do more than reverse engineering.

Do you want to know what our 3D scanning & reverse engineering capabilities can do for your company: