A year after the offshore South China Sea field upgrade of a Ariel JGR-4 compressor (AQ2500), Psicon BV together with its Malaysian partner Serba Dinamik received the contract for the modification and upgrade of the sister compressor (AQ2400).


In 2014 Psicon BV upgraded the AQ2500 which was located offshore and in a running condition. The sister compressor AQ2400 however was not fit for operation and in fully corroded condition. Originally the modification and upgrade was planned to be executed on location in Malaysia but for quality and delivery considerations the decision was made to upgrade and modify the compressor in the Psicon workshop in Schiedam, The Netherlands.


With the complete modification and upgrade Psicon BV delivered a fully refurbished compressor capable of operating at increased discharge pressure and with improved reliability.




After arrival in the Psicon BV workshop our Ariel trained engineers successfully executed the upgrade and modification within schedule in only three weeks’ time. The upgrade and modification of the compressor included the overhaul of the compressor, performance improvement, updating of the instrumentation and installation of additional safeguarding equipment.




The executed modification will allow our customer to considerably increase the oil production due to increased gas production, reduce flaring and ensure full compression redundancy.


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