Magnetic Filtration Systems

Psicon is the market leader in the supply of magnetic filter solutions for the energy and the oil & gas industry. The Psicon Magnetic Separation Systems are based upon bespoke magnet separator elements consisting of rare earth magnets. The magnets we use are the most powerful non-electric magnets available on the market today. The magnetic separator elements have the ability to extract and trap ferrous contamination to submicron levels in all type of gasses and liquids.

Applications where our magnetic filtration solutions are used:

  • Cooling medium filtration
  • Gas Filtration (Black Powder)
  • Gas sweating applications (Amine systems)
  • Fuel gas applications
  • Rotating equipment protection

Every magnetic filter will be designed specifically for the required application. We can select combination filters (with cyclone, etc.), duplex filters and self-cleaning filter installations. Most of our filter designs are confirmed by state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis ensuring the best ferrous particle filtration possible. The Psicon magnetic filters have negligible pressure loss ensuring the best throughput compared to any other filter solution.