Psicon holds a large inventory of new replacement, original and reconditioned spare parts for turbines, compressors, engines, and pumps.


With a wide scope of brands Psicon can especially supply the difficult obtain parts such as casings, frames, impellers, cylinders etc.


All our remanufactured parts will be delivered with “as new” guarantee and warranty.

Our scope includes the following brands:


Steam Turbines (new replacement (NON-OEM) or reconditioned parts):
Worthington, Coppus, Elliott, Terry, Skinner, Nadrowski, Dean Hilll, Manubat and more.

Compressors (Ariel are original parts, other brands new replacement (NON-OEM) or recondtioned parts):

Ariel, Ajax, Cooper, Cooper Bessemer, Gemini/GE, Joy, Superior, York, Ingersoll Rand Centac, Allis Chalmers, Sundyne and more.

Engines (new replacement parts (NON-OEM)):

Gearbox (new replacement (NON-OEM) or reconditioned parts):

Pumps (new replacement parts (NON-OEM)):
Sundyne, Sunflo, Sunstrand