Virtual Reliability Optimization Control (VROC). VROC is a non-invasive, intelligent reporting and predictive maintenance solution providing failure detection, identification and prediction of future failure and the root causes.


Predictive Analytics is used by our clients to holistically monitor the health of their assets to identify impending equipment failures, process degradation, as well as root cause analysis and investigation.


With VROC you can predict failures before they happen. Our predictive analytics software can identify what will fail, when it will fail and the cause of the impending failure. This means you can spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on it. You’ll be able to reduce unscheduled breakdowns, saving your business money.


VROC Features:

  • Ability to predict Time to Failure (in number of days) with over 95% accuracy. *
  • Root cause analysis with detailed correlation.
  • Digital prediction (where failures haven’t occurred).
  • Total asset infrastructure analysis (as opposed to specific machine analysis).
  • Non-invasive solution – There is no interaction with system except for data extraction.
  • Fully compatible with any existing or future system.
  • Simple and intuitive solution with minimal training of personnel.


*Accuracy of prediction is dependent upon time period and amount of data collected.


Benefits to clients:

  • Ability to schedule intelligent maintenance:
  • Just in time before breakdowns – therefore lower breakdown and maintenance costs.
  • Better planned maintenance – enabling issue to be resolved before it surfaces, avoiding unplanned shutdowns.
  • Rapid identification of Root Causes of Failure (allows focused maintenance).
  • Lower inventory costs (due to predictive maintenance).
  • Total view of all the asset infrastructure vs. single equipment view.
  • Prolonging asset life and performance with optimized maintenance amount of data collection


The VROC solution uses data from the sensors already installed in your equipment. It gathers historical data to build a prediction model for your equipment. VROC then produces an estimated time to failure for each piece of your equipment. The VROC solution uses advanced machine learning to learn the characteristics of your plant and becomes more accurate the longer it runs. VROC is data to dashboard. This means we bring the information you need straight to your devices with no large CAPEX investments.


  • VROC providing a single, fully automated Predictive Analytics software for all types of equipment.
  • Key benefits:
  • Reduced operating cost - software license, IT infrastructure and maintenance, equipment spares and manpower;
  • Reduce reliance on OEM;
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty: TTF provided at real-time;
  • Increase prediction integrity and reliability.